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The Water Matrix Condo Retro-Fit Program was designed to meet the niche needs of condominium properties across Ontario. Our industry experts have crafted a pain free implementation process that makes in-suite water savings possible with minimal disturbance or inconvenience to property managers, boards and residents. This proven program ensures all parties realize and benefit from the advantages of Water Matrix products & services.



As a part of our free property review, Water Matrix collects and reviews historical water data from your property to understand how much water your site is currently using. We use this information to benchmark your property and qualify your condo for a free onsite audit. Condo's that use an excess of water, per suite, per year, qualify for our in suite water audit at no charge .


Once your site has qualified for a free audit, our experienced technicians will visit your property to collect integral data required to complete your water savings review. Technicians will enter a predetermined number of suites to measure the current flow and flush volumes associated with existing in suite water fixtures. These measurements combined with the water data we have reviewed, give our team the capability to project water savings associated with upgrading your inefficient toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators.


Post Audit, the representative from your condominium will receive an in depth review of the data we have collected and an identification of the savings opportunity at your property. Our review will offer your condominium information on the performance of the current fixtures in your building, the projected water savings & payback period, as well as information on any rebates that are available to subsidize the cost of your project. Our projections are some of the most accurate in the industry and offer our customers fair and honest insight into the potential savings we can generate.


Our experienced installation teams make implementation of new products at your condo an organized and uncomplicated procedure. Our team works with property managers to supply daily schedules, notice to residents and post implementation reports identifying all work completed. Our on site processes minimize in-suite time and offer an unrivaled level of professionalism. Our teams can install upwards of 30 toilets a day resulting in a quick and efficient project with little to no disturbance to residents and staff.


Did you know a number of Municipalities and Regions offer rebates for upgrading to high efficiency water products at your condominium property? Water Matrix's selection of products provides customers with what they need to maximize their rebate and water savings. Our already established relationships with major cities and regions across Canada keeps us up to date on new and changing rebate opportunities that can make your project even more successful. See if your site qualifies for a water conservation rebate to- day.


Pay From Savings

Paying for in suite upgrades as a condominium corporation has it's complexities. To help ease the method of payment, Water Matrix has developed a "Pay From Savings Plan" that allows your condo corporation to pay for the project with the savings that are generated. This plan offers qualified condos the opportunity to retro-fit the entirety of their buildings without any deposit, a decreased or maintained operating budget and a sudden influx of savings funds once the term has concluded. Call us today to apply for your own customized pay from savings plan.


For over 25 years we have been a trusted water management partner for Institutions, private corporations, hospitality providers, delivering right-sized solutions for a wide variety of problems.


Water Matrix Inc. is a licenced and insured condos provider. All of our work follows applicable codes and follows industry best practices.


Rest assured if there are ever any emergency situations associated with your work, Water Matrix will be ready. Our 24/7 Service line offers access to a condos services team and qualified responders that can manage any situation that arises.



Kind Words

  • "Having participated in multiple condominium toilet Retro-Fits with Water Matrix, I can confirm the water savings associated with these projects is substantial and offers a turn key solution to rising water rates and consumption. The multiple model options available in the Proficiency 3 litre toilet, pro- vided a toilet that was pleasing to each resident. I have no hesitancy recommending this program to other condominium properties or managers."

    Alban Mndoca ICC
  • "A significant portion of our portfolio has converted from 6-litre to 3-litre flush toilets, and we are on pace to achieve paybacks on the conversion costs in 36 months or less at all of these locations. Furthermore, we have found the Proficiency well received by residents due to its quiet and remarkably effective flushing capability.
    The installation of this product will continue to be part of our strategy for optimizing water efficiency in our buildings and I would not hesitate recommending it to other property owners and managers interested in reducing costs and maintenance"

  • "Having recently completed a water Retro-Fit at a Downtown Toronto condo prop- erty , I am pleased to report that our experience with Water Matrix was an enjoyable one. The Water Matrix team managed our install with efficiency and accommodated our special requests with ease. I would recom- mend the Water Matrix team and line of products to anyone interested in saving water via retro-fit."

    Nazir Syed Crossbridge
  • "Williams & McDaniel has been working with Water Matrix on water efficiency and re- duction via fixture retro-fitting since 2013...We have found Water Matrix services are performed with profes- sionalism and accuracy, immediately setting them apart in the industry. As a result of our own experiences, we feel very comfortable recommending the services and products that Water Matrix offers to other property multi-residential property managers and boards."

    Williams & Mcdaniel
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Did you know water rates have risen by as much as 9% per year in metropolitan areas in Canada? Because the cost of water continues to rise annually, fixture retro-fitting projects offer a better return on investment than many other sustainability upgrades. Each time water rates rise your cost savings follow suit.

Most condominiums that engage water matrix for savings investigation find that they recuperate all investment in ONLY 18 - 36 MONTHS


Call us today and see how our free audit program can identify how much water your condominium has been wasting.

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