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3. How To Fix A Hissing Toilet

Thank you for purchasing our 3L Proficiency toilet. In the video below, we’ll be discussing how to fix a hissing toilet. Before we begin, here are the tools and materials you might need:


  • Adjustable Wrench


  • Fill Valve
  • Supply Line
  • Diaphragm

A hissing toilet is typically caused by problems relating to the fill valve. Let’s take a deeper look at how it works and solutions to typical problems.

The fluid master fill valve receives water from the supply line that fills the tank with water when you flush. The fill valve works by allowing the water to run into the tank when it is empty and stopping the water when the tank is filled.

To fix the issue, we’ll start by cleaning the fill valve. First, shut the water off to the tank and remove the black cap off the fill valve. Grab the extension arm on the head of the fill valve by giving a quarter-turn counterclockwise. Remove any visible debris and sediment from the fill valve either with your finger, a pin or by turning the water on slowly to flush the sediment out

If you have followed these steps correctly, your toilet should have stopped hissing. If you are still having issues, please look through our video series for answers to commonly asked questions or reach out to us.

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