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4. How To Fix Phantom Flushing

Thank you for purchasing our 3L Proficiency toilet. In this video, we’ll be discussing how to identify phantom flushing, and solutions to this issue. Before we begin, here are the tools & Materials you might need:


  • Adjustable Wrench


  • Bottom Seal Float

If your tank is continuously flushing, it is most likely related to an issue with the flush valve. This is referred to as phantom flushing. Let’s take a closer look at the flush valve, how it works and a solution to fixing the issue. 

The flush valve ensures the water is held inside the tank when filling. If your tank is continuously leaking, it could be due to the flush valve not closing correctly. First, we need to determine what colour your flush valve is. Secondly, ensure that the valve is secure in the tank and that the seal around the bottom does not have any imperfections, for example, kinks or bubbles. 

Shut the water off to the toilet, flush the toilet to remove water, put your hand in ¾ of the way down the center of the tank and grab the flush valve. Do a quarter-turn counterclockwise to remove the flush valve from the housing. 

If you have a blue and white flush valve, the bottom seal float can be removed, and the seals can be cleaned and checked for imperfections. If it can’t be cleaned, replace it with a white bottom seal flow. The valve can now be reinstalled. 

If you have a black and white flush valve, the rubber seal on the bottom of the valve can be cleaned. Check for imperfections and reinstall. 

If you have followed these steps correctly, your continuous toilet flushing should have stopped. If you are still having issues, please look through our video series for answers to commonly asked questions or reach out to us.

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