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How to Increase Water Efficiency & Lower Utility Bills

As a property manager, why should you care about water efficiency? One reason is that it’s good for the planet. The other is that it’s good for your bottom line. The fiscal, environmental, and moral reasons for water efficiency and conservation are clear enough, so this post will cover the steps for making conservation a reality across your properties.

Water Matrix

A Total Savings of 32%

Indeed, if you manage rental property, you’re on the front lines of global water conservation efforts. According to the Global Health Observatory, more than half of the human population lives in cities — most of them in multi-family residences, apartment buildings, or high-rises. In such a setting, water efficiency (the long-term reduction of water usage through adoption of technology and methods that consume less water) and conservation (the temporary response of curtailing water consumption in response to a water shortage) greatly depends on the property managers and building superintendents. You are in the most advantageous position to implement water-saving measures (which save money in the long run), as well as to educate tenants by disseminating relevant and timely information about smart water choices.

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