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Retrofit your Building for Water Efficiency

Did you know? Older buildings account for much higher water use than new ones built to be more sustainable. However, these older buildings can be retrofitted to incorporate upgraded water-consuming systems, thereby achieving significant savings in water costs. A complimentary site audit of any condominium building allows Water Matrix to determine which water efficiency measures will benefit your property most.

The Water Matrix Condo Retro-Fit Program is designed to meet the needs of condominium properties across all of Ontario. Our program includes a comprehensive water savings proposal that outlines all recommendations, water savings potential and any water savings guarantees that may be available. Water Matrix also works with local municipalities to determine rebate eligibility. 

Here are some of the programs and products we utilize in condos to reduce water use:

Installation of low-flow toilets

Low-flow toilet systems have surged in popularity in recent years, overcoming water-guzzling toilets of the yesteryears. Water Matrix low-flow toilet using air and water, offering water savings along with unrivaled Ultra Low Flow performance. Most Canadian apartments and condominiums built before 2014 have 6, litre, 10litre or 13-litre toilets. At Only 3 litres per flush, Water Matrix offers toilets that cut that volume by as much as 77%.

Use the Evolve™ ShowerStart system

Do you often leave the shower on, waiting on your water to get warm? The integrated Evolve™ ShowerStart system allows you to effortlessly save water and energy consumed while your shower gets warm. This new technology stops the flow of shower water once it reaches ideal showering temperature, to eliminate water waste while you get ready for your day.  Truly a smart showerhead that works around your routines.  

Looking to retrofit your residential or commercial building for increased water efficiency? Contact the team at Water Matrix today for your free audit.

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