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Rising Water Rates in 2022 and Beyond

Canadians can expect their water bills to rise significantly in 2022. Some municipalities have already approved the rise in water rates necessary to run wastewater programs and infrastructural upgrades, with plans to increase them further in the coming years.

– The rate budget presented to city councillors of Hamilton called for an increase of 4.9 percent or just over $39 per family. This could result in over $3,900 in new water costs for a high-rise site with 100 units.

– Toronto residents can expect their water bills to rise by 3 percent on average this year. This means condominiums will most likely have to pay approximately $29 more per suite in 2022.

– Halton Region announced a combined water and wastewater rate increase of 2.8 percent effective January 01, 2022. This will result in an increase of approximately $28 per family or over $2,800 for a high-rise residential property with 100 units.

– Region of Waterloo proposed a water rate increase of $46.94 per family in 2022. One of the primary reasons for this steep increase is aging infrastructure.

– Durham Regional Council approved a combined water supply and sanitary sewer user rate increase of 1.8 percent. This is an estimated annual increase of $19.52 per year per family.

– Water, wastewater, and stormwater rates in Ottawa will go up an average of 4.2 percent in 2022, that is an increase of $35.90 per family.

Managing this increase in water costs can be challenging for boards and property managers of multi-residential properties. At Water Matrix, we have designed specific programs that offer savings opportunities without the complexity and stress. With our fleet of industry-leading water fixtures, Water Matrix can help to drastically reduce your water costs and bring the hopes of water savings back to life in a matter of days through a retrofit project.

Did you know Water Matrix offers GUARANTEED WATER SAVINGS on some qualifying projects?

Our team will estimate the overall size and scope of the project and in many instances, the pre-audit analysis is provided at no charge to the customer. We will also share a full ROI and payback analysis on the unit/project.

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