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Running a Water Efficient Pool

Everyone’s pool is a different size and cleanliness varies – but every time you backwash your filter, you’re using between 570 to 1140 litres of water.

A pre-filter for your pool’s skimmer basket will reduce the frequency of backwashing by filtering out very small particles of pollen, bugs, and debris. This will help your pool become water efficient.

Follow these tips to save water and energy:

Limit backwashing to 1 to 2 minutes or until the water becomes clear. Some pool owners backwash more frequently and longer than necessary, thus wasting water, energy, and chemicals. Backwashing wastes approximately 320 litres of water per minute.

Use a pre-filter to reduce backwashing to three or four times per season. A pre-filter is a fine mesh cloth that fits snugly over the skimmer baskets and is used to collect very fine particles before they reach the filter. Always pre-filter the first vacuum of the season.

Inspect the pump strainer basket and the skimmer basket daily and remove all debris. This will result in cleaner water and improve water circulation.

Repair leaks. If you are frequently topping up your pool, you may have a leak.

Cover your pool to prevent heat and water loss. Proper use of a pool will prevent 30% of water loss, and about 40% of heat loss, especially in the spring and fall periods and on cool summer evenings.

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