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What’s Your Water Score?

Save money! Save water! Understanding “Behavioural Waste” and More!

Chances are you’ve heard the expression “water is our most precious resource” before. Frankly, that’s because it is and we state that right on the home page of our website. We don’t send missions to the Moon or Mars to look for evidence of water just for fun, it’s because we know it’s a building block for life. In developed nations, water is often taken for granted while in developing nations its true value is recognized. Now it’s our turn to treat water with the respect it deserves. Whether you’re eco-conscious or just looking to reduce your water bill, now is the perfect time to learn about our new product offerings; products that might help reduce “behavioural waste,” your overall water consumption and even your water bill too! What’s your water score when it comes to good water management?

Water Matrix and Evolve Technologies

The team at Water Matrix has partnered with Evolve Technologies to distribute innovative new products that help reduce water waste in both single family and multi residential properties. For more than 25 years we’ve been an industry leader in water conservation efforts, offering sustainable water solutions for homes, condominiums, manufacturing facilities, universities and hospitals. We KNOW water and we’re confidant Evolve Technologies does too. Their new line of showerheads and auto-diverting tub spout systems help to eliminate 6+ gallons of water waste per shower. That’s a lot of waste and it’s a lofty claim. It’s also why understanding the idea behind “behavioural waste” is so important.

What is Behavioural Waste?

We could “talk technical” about water waste, quoting studies done at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in San Francisco but that might get a bit, well…technical! We’d rather share the highlights:

Behavioural Waste: Refers to the amount of time the average person wastes between turning on the shower (to warm up the water) and actually getting in the shower (to clean up!) Essentially, this multi-tasking is getting us into “hot water.” Brushing teeth, choosing our outfit for the day, maybe a visit to that other water waster, the toilet, all while waiting for the shower to warm up, results in wasted water every time we bathe. This waste is even a factor in eco-friendly properties and homes where hot water delivery was almost instantaneous meaning no waiting should have been required! The Evolve line of products let’s you keep your routine, but ditch the water waste.

Resulting Water Waste: To put this into perspective, the study converted its findings into gallons (it was in the US after all) to help folks better understand what behavioural waste actually resulted in. You might be surprised to read the findings uncovered that only 47 seconds of behavioural waste resulted in between 2.4 and 4.9 gallons of water loss! For us Canadians, that’s about 9.0 to 18.5 litres of water (and money!) going down the drain.

Bad Habits: We know bad habits are hard to break. Folks like routine, especially in the morning when they are still waking up. That jolt of coffee is probably far more important than how much water is being wasted. That’s where we can help by selling, installing and servicing this new line of water saving technology in your home, business, condo or industrial setting.

Here’s How it Works:

The Evolve Auto Diverting Tub Spout (ADTS) is used to deliver water during shower up

Heating your warmup water through a tub spout (5GPM+) decreases the mixing of cold and hot water that traditionally takes place when your shower is warmed up through a low flow showerhead. When using ADTS, a plug flow of hot water moves colder water out of the way more efficiently, reducing wait time and the associated usage of cold water during that period (Structural Savings)

Once the water temp reaches ideal showering value (95* or so) water automatically diverts from the ADTS to the SH. Upon its arrival, it slows to a fine trickle, and waits for the user to ready themselves for bathing.

When the user is ready, they pull the small cord attached to the showerhead to re-activate the flow of water and begin their shower.

This saves all energy rich water during the users pre shower routine. It is estimated that pre shower routines waste between to be between 60 – 180 seconds+ depending on the user demographics.

Your properties heating fuel is also reduced, as hot water is saved and the natural gas or hydro to heat that water won’t be used.

Savings range from 7% -15%+ based on existing fixtures, current water use and property demographics.

Paybacks of 12-48 are typically achieved with ease.

ROI ranging from 200% – 500%+ with the products 10-year life expectancy

Available in standard shower head styles, as well as:
Multi Function SH
Hand Held Shower Head System
In wall diverter set
ADA/Barrier Free models

Evolve systems by Water Matrix are affordable and are 100% compatible with other Water Matrix products you may already have installed. The addition of Evolve to the WM line of products and services adds even further value to our clients as we continue to find new ways for you to save water and save money. We hope you’ll agree and invite you to contact us today to learn more about the Evolve line of products. Tackling behavioral waste at your property, is the next big thing. We promise.


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