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We Are A Water Management Solutions Company

Water Mangement isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a smart investment. Our products and services have saved our clients millions of litres of water without sacrificing performance.

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Plumbing Services

Right-sized recommendations, effective management, and turn-key solutions. Our highly skilled team delivers exceptional service.

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Multi Residential

Our toilet replacement program can pay itself off in two years or less* through water savings, without giving up reliability or performance.

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Reduce your annual operating costs through energy and water reduction. Our proven end-to-end institutional services can cut water costs by up to 65%*

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Kind Words

  • "With the installation of the new three litre toilets, the savings in water consumption are between 23% and 45%, depending on the property. The payback on the initial cost ranges form 13 to 29 months."

    Michael Balnar Balnar Management LTD. COO
  • "Savings became very evident when we recieved the first water and waste billing after the install, a savings of $5600 quarterly, just shy of $24,000 annually."

    Hildor Wiens Edison Rental Operations Manager
  • "The installation of this product will continue to be part of our strategy for optimizing water efficiency in our buildings and I would not hesitate recommending it to other property owners and managers interested in reducing costs and maintenance."

    Geoffrey A. Younghusband Osgoode Properties Residential Portfolio Manager
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